About F. S. H.


Once Eysheus Saga’s HQ, now a haven for all things Fantasy and Writing. After much debate, it was decided there was no purpose to this blog. As FsH, (Fantasy Story Haven), there is more to be offered than mere story views, chatter about Eysheus, and pointless thoughts. Here is where anything can happen. From Idea Explosions to Random Reviews, Encouragement to Writers to Health Tips, and anything else that E.L. Mendell decided to write about. One thing is for sure, you never know what you’re going to get. The seldom seen artwork comes in from time to time as well. Stop by and enjoy yourself a while. Some thoughtful babble is good for you every now and again.

Also, newly added, the Giveaway page! Keep up-to-date with free books and art giveaways from E.L. Mendell!

“Writers cannot survive without their readers. Seriously. We will literally die without them.”

“The world is what you make of it.”

“For greater things I’m searching. To newer lands I’m reaching.”

-E.L. Mendell


One response to “About F. S. H.

  1. Awesome book! Love the plot and the characters. I like the fact that the library is portrayed as a place of refuge and adventure at the same time. It’s a page-turner and a very fast read; left me hanging at the end.


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